Like Apple, your TV provider,  and even Netflix … there are a few rules for Rental Movies. You’re trying to get a license you can make more money than MANY Doctors and Lawyers. So think of this like a soon to be lawyers studying for their Bar. It’s important.  Only instead of $5,000 dollars, our tutorial is a little less expensive. So it’s One Per Student. But unlike going to the movies, if there are 2 examinees watching at the same address, we do give a 50% discount to One of the students. Because we understand you’re not making the BIG moneyYET.
Yes. Just email us your official fail notice from the DRE and we credit back the same day M-F, no if – ands – or buts. We offer this Guarantee WITHOUT making it difficult for you so you’ll know you can trust us. We’re consumers too and so many seem to lie these days. We don’t. And after 29 years of being the Best at this … we have complete confidence in our Tutorials.  But we also have complete confidence in YOU … because YOU learned an entire language as a baby. So we KNOW your brain works. That’s HOW we already KNOW You CAN  do it. You just need to hear people who already speak Proper “Real Estate” … one more time. We also KNOW you’re a serious person for having gotten this far. So we like to think we PARTNER with you. You’ve already proven we can believe in you. And we KNOW you’re going to love Our MOVIE methodology … or you wouldn’t be reading this. And why not let you know you’re in good hands from the start?  We rarely have to give money back, anyway. And when we do, those students usually come back later when they have more time to do their part right. We’re on your side, and you may as well know it from the start, so we’re BOTH comfortable while getting to know each other.
Think competition. When we came along with our Video Tutorial years ago … we put a lot of people out business. We didn’t mean to, but everyone loved it. Except – our competition selling condensed versions of courses that were supposed to be “crash courses” … and some were very angry.  Realize, anyone can say anything on those boards – anonymously – whether they were ever our student or not. If you truly want to know the truth about us,  you can find it with your own eyes and ears. Take a look at the WHAT OUR STUDENTS SAY ABOUT US video. There’s no hype and you’ll definitely be able to tell for yourself that this High Praise is not coming from actors, but our own students who are just elated with appreciation. There’s nothing fake about it. But WHY would these “Boards” that look  for all the world like Consumer Advocates allow this?  Think Google Advertising dollars. The more people come, the longer they stay, the more ads they’re paid for. It’s a racket. So they NEVER take anything juicy down. Worse … ever 2 years they Upgrade the DATE of their most profitable comments … to look like it’s current. The Lead negative about us was actually written in 2008 but now says 2016. The content was never true. So we set out to sue them. What we learned was a lot of big companies already had. Like IBM, Heinz, But they all lost. Some appealed to the Supreme Court. They lost again. Because the of First Amendment. Free speech. And when you think about it, that’s pretty important, even if it sometimes has some down sides for a few honest victims. Like us.  For the record, we are honest. But then everyone says that, don’t they. Trust your own eyes and ears.
Aside from convenience for you, incredible Animated Memory Anchors, Sound Effects, and just the Right Answers To the Right Questions (instead of 3 wrong answers for every Right one on Practices exam that leave your memory confused)  your Broker/Tutor Paul Larisey is a Professional Videographer from way back in New York when he was head of production making National TV Commercials 40 years ago.  And as you can see for yourself in our preview videos here … there is also the fact that some teachers are better than others at explaining things. And that may be because he is also Graduate of NYCU with a Bachelor of Science and Triple Majors in Science, Psychology, and Music.
BUT … the 2 Most Important Questions for YOU about ANY Crash Course ARE:
1.) How CURRENT is it?  How do they update? How often? And WHO is making the judgments about the RIGHT answer …

2.) AFTER my Weekend Crash Course –  how long is it going to take me to learn 2 days of NOTES my teacher wanted me to write down again and again,  and the 3 inch Binder and Hot Sheets I’ll be walking away with? HOW LONG …?  It’s unpredictable.  And what if you Don’t Pass … and DIDN’T LIKE their weekend crash course?
To get your money back … You STILL have to take their weekend crash course AGAIN  –  FAIL AGAIN.  Does something seem fishy about that to you?
                           OR – with Real Estate Excellence …
You could just be doing another Repetition of our Clean MOVIE 
At HOME. When it’s convenient for YOU. 
Remember, this is our only product for over 29 years. We DON’T teach courses. 
                               We Specialize …  in YOUR Passing. 
And if you Don’t pass  … you can get your money back the FIRST Time
or try again for free. It’s Your Choice.
Yes. Throughout your entire tutorial you’ll constantly be getting tips about how things apply out in the field from your tutor … like you’ve never heard before.  But as important, after you get your license you can go to our . Select the Become An Affiliate button and you’ll start learning EVERYTHING we’ve learned over the years about Real Estate to Sell Your Honor First … so that some Clients actually Pick YOU … over more experienced agents (before you run out of money.) That’s why most people leave the field. And you DON’T have to become an Affiliate or pay anything. It’s free. And it’s amazing …