Log into Dashboard OVERVIEW Integration Options QUICK START INTEGRATE Prerequisites How a Client Integration Works 1. Get the Code 2. Set up a Payment 3. Execute the Payment 4. Test It 5. Go Live HOW TO Upgrade PayPal Checkout 1. Understand the New Checkout Flow 2. Include the JavaScript 3. Add the button 4. Configure payment callback 5. Test Your Integration Customize the Checkout Button Interactive Code Demo Customization Example Supported Locales Button Styles Multiple Button Layout Customize the Checkout Flow Implement Pay Now Show a Confirmation Page Show a Cancellation Page Manage Funding Source Failure Handle Checkout Flow Error Pass Web Experience Profile Options Do a Full-Page Redirect Use Checkout Acceptance Marks Implement a Server Integration How a Server Integration Works 1. Set Up Your Client 2. Set Up Your Server 3. Test It 4. Go Live Use the Braintree SDK to Integrate Checkout Integration Steps 1. Set Up Your Client 2. Set Up Your Server Payment Options REFERENCE Payments API Reference Orders API Reference FAQ BEST PRACTICES Customer Checkout Experience Account Configuration Payment Capture Performance and Analytics Checkout Quick Start PayPal Checkout Quick Start Follow these steps to create a fully functioning PayPal Checkout button within minutes: Copy and paste this HTML and JavaScript code snippet into an HTML file.