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Paul  Larisey  
Real Estate Broker CA  #01070604

Real Estate Excellence, Inc. 1989
*Real Estate Education Video Tutorials
*Real Estate Brokerage, Pebble Beach, CA
*HighEndBuyersRemorseTerminator.com – Consumer Advocacy

1972  Graduate City University of New York – City College  Manhattan
Bachelor of  Science  
(Chemistry, Physics, Biology) Triple Majors – Premed, Psychology, Music (operatic tenor) Rock Lead Guitar

1973 New York University – NYU, Manhattan
Filmmaking & Holograms

2018  ANIMATED STREAMING 12 & 13 hour Sales & Broker Tutorial “Crash Courses”

2012 The High End Buyers Remorse Terminator.com
Consumer Advocacy in Real Estate  Brokerage to help the world become a better place  by helping buyers, sellers, and agents get it right.

1989 Real Estate Excellence, Inc.
Produced Real Estate Excellence, Inc’s first 8hr Video Tutorial to pass the CA Sales & Broker Exams. 

Work History:
1973  Here & Now Films – National TV Commercials –          Manhattan, NY
*Production Manager/Assistant Director
Elmers Glue, Sherwin Williams Paints, Glidden, Cheer, Tide, General Mills, Pillsbury, Cars, Wines

Founder/Owner  Various Small Businesses (10 Years in Manhattan)

*Cibachrome Photo Processing Lab

Provider of Professional Specialty Prints for 20 Manhattan Photo Stores, NASA Space Shuttle Engineers, and National Mail Order Production from Modern Photography & Popular Photography Magazines Marketing

*Topaz LaLande  Fashion Design & Manufacture 
Bloomingdale’s, Macys, Gimbels, Bergdorf Goodman

*Luxury Furniture Design & Mfg. – Showroom SOHO NYC

*Prince Street Art Gallery SOHO NYC 

1978 San Francisco / Hollywood
Lead Guitar/songwriting (“Eagles” style)

1980 Malibu – Wrote my novel for worldwide utopia. 

1981 SONYA –
The most natural person I’ve ever known, my  Ballerina and soul mate. 

1983  Retail Business in Bellevue Square Mall, Seattle Washington.
Hand Knit sweaters from New Zealand

Sonya  Larisey  
Real Estate Lic. CA  #01062620

Real Estate Excellence, Inc. 1989
*Real Estate Education Video Tutorials
*Real Estate Brokerage Pebble Beach, CA
*HighEndBuyersRemorseTerminator.com – Consumer Advocacy

Juilliard School,
 New York City

Protege to Alexandria Danilova, Prima Ballerina Assoluta Russia

Guest Soloist NYC American Ballet Theatre

John Wayne                                 
      Personal Assistant (3 yrs until demise.) 
Batjac Productions, Beverly Hills, CA

Paul Newman                              
      Personal Assistant (6 yrs)
Warner Bros. 
Burbank Studios, CA

Columbia Pictures, Burbank, CA –  Administrative Assistant to
Guy McElwaine, President, Chairman
& Jon Dolgen, President Domestic
Operations, President of Home
Entertainment Columbia Pictures

Coca-Cola Telecommunications – Administrative Assistant 
Columbia Pictures, Burbank, CA
Michael J. Grossman, Executive
Vice President, Legal Affairs

Sonya – Guest Soloist NYC American Ballet Theater
Sonya – Paul Newmans Personal Assistant 6 years
Hollywood, CA
My Band – Sausalito,, CA
      Honesty –  the only light for our inner world …
                              without it we grope the walls in fear
Intelligence – an endless whisk Broom job
                              that ever bends the back to honesty
                                                                                            Paul Larisey 2015

Just in case anyone’s curious …

England – Sonya & Paul Larisey 2011 (30yr Anniversary)
Carmel by the Sea 1993
We “Arrived”